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How to add Search in Starter Kit

· One min read

Search has been implemented in the full-version only. If you have started your project using the starter kit as per our suggestion, please follow the below steps in order to implement search functionality in your project.

Begin by installing kbar package which is related to search functionality

Run the appropriate command in your project's root directory based on your package manager:

pnpm install kbar
  1. Copy full-version/src/components/layout/shared/search folder from the full-version and paste it in your project's src/components/layout/shared folder.

  2. You have to create a searchData.ts/js file in your project's src/data/ folder. This file will contain the data that will be used for search.

  3. Import the <NavSearch /> component in src/components/layout/vertical/NavbarContent.tsx file and add after the <NavToggle /> component.

That's it. You have successfully implemented search functionality in your project.🥳🎉