# How to remove Fake DB and use Real API

Materio uses axios-mock-adapter (opens new window) for mocking API calls. This makes our template API ready 😍 and more easier for you to communicate with your backend.

However, you won't need fake-db if you are using real APIs. In this case please follow below steps to remove fake-db from template.

  1. Remove @fake-db folder from src directory
  2. Remove fake-db import from src/pages/_app.tsx file
// File: src/pages/_app.tsx

-  // ** Fake-DB Import
-  import 'src/@fake-db'
  1. Finally we don't need axios-mock-adapter in our package any more so remove it from the package.json file
  dependencies: {
-    "axios-mock-adapter": "...",

This will remove fake-db completely from your package. 🎉


Now all (fake) API calls will result in 404 error until you replace them with your real API endpoints.

Last Updated: 6/22/2023, 7:07:20 AM