# Installation errors

Causes of yarn install or npm install issues can be due to various things which include:

  • Missing or inappropriate dependencies like node or some other environmental issues
  • Dependency resolved by package manager (yarn/npm) conflicts with other installed dependency
  • The dependency of the package we use have an internal issue or that dependency has some issue with your environment
  • Package or dependency of the package requires some additional step or configuration to work in your environment
  • Downloaded package is broken or is tampered with.

To resolve such installation issues:

  • Try using yarn if possible (recommended)
  • Please try downloading the fresh package/zip and performing the installation again
  • Please make sure you are using the LTS version of node which is recommended and not one with the latest features
  • Try running the yarn cache clean or npm cache clean command.

After following the steps explained above, if you are still getting any errors, please raise support at our support portal with the below details:

  • Your OS information, Node version, yarn/npm version, Template/Package version
  • Mention if you can run a fresh react project using create-next-app without our template
  • Attach log file of the error you are getting in your console (provide full log)
  • Mention which command you are running
  • Mention if you were able to run our template on one machine and not on another.
Last Updated: 6/22/2023, 7:07:20 AM