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The Stepper component is a useful tool for simplifying complex processes into a series of step-by-step instructions. There are two types of steppers available in this component:

  • Default stepper (without icons)
  • Icon stepper - Automatically chosen when an icon is added to an item in the stepper's step array.


Please note that although we have created a custom component for the stepper, it will be replaced with Vuetify's stepper component in the future.


The following are the props available for this component:


RequiredType: ArrayDefault : undefined

This is an array of objects representing the different steps of the stepper. Each object should have a title property and can optionally have icon, size, and subtitle properties.


OptionalType: StringDefault : horizontal

You can choose between displaying the stepper in two different directions: vertical or horizontal.


RequiredType: numberDefault : 0

This prop is mandatory and needs to be assigned with v-model like this: v-mode:currentStep="your_current_step_variable". The currentStep prop represents the currently active step in the stepper.


OptionalType: numberDefault : 52

This is an optional prop that allows you to set the size of the icons in the icon type stepper. If you're using the default stepper, this prop is not applicable.


OptionalType: BooleanDefault : undefined

This is another optional prop that you can use to validate your step. If set to true, the current step will be considered valid and the user can move on to the next step. If set to false, the user won't be able to proceed to the next step until the current step is valid. If this prop is not provided, all steps will be considered valid by default.


  • stepper-icon-step-bg: The class .stepper-icon-step-bg is designed specifically for creating steppers with colored backgrounds for each step, and is intended to be used exclusively with icon-based steppers. Please note that this class is not compatible with default steppers that display numbers.