# How to change typography

Vuetify uses webfontloader (opens new window) for adding fonts to your app. You can find webfontloader file in src/plugins/webfontloader.js. Update the font to your desired fonts and add CSS to update the font family.

 export async function loadFonts() {
   const webFontLoader = await import(/* webpackChunkName: "webfontloader" */'webfontloader')
     google: {
-       families: ['Roboto:100,300,400,500,700,900&display=swap'],
+       families: ['Montserrat:100,300,400,500,700,900&display=swap'],

Next, just update the the font family via vuetify variables:

@use "vuetify/styles" as * with (
  $body-font-family: "Montserrat",

It's done 🥂