Enables the half star mouseover to be possible vote with half values.

If you want to vote with more precision than half value, please check the option precision.

Star Half

Changes the name of the half star.

Pay attention, when you want specify a different icon with a different directory, you must to set the path option to null to avoid it to be prepender on your path and, consequently, specify all other icons with explicit original path.

Round Enabled

The round rules are:

  • Down: score <= x.25 the star will be rounded down;
  • Half: score >= x.26 and <= x.75 the star will be a half star;
  • Up: score >= x.76 the star will be rounded up.

Round Disabled

The round rules becomes:

  • Down: score < x.6 the star will be rounded down;
  • Up: score >= x.6 the star will be rounded up;


This is the most basic example of ratings.


Used when we want starts with a saved rating.

Number Of Stars

Changes the number of stars.

Number Max

Change the maximum of stars that can be created.

Read Only

You can prevent users to vote. It can be applied with or without score and all stars will receives the hint corresponding of the selected star. Stop the mouse over the stars to see:

No Rated Message

If readOnly is enabled and there is no score, the hint "Not rated yet!" will be shown for all stars. But you can change it. Stop the mouse over the star to see:


Add a cancel button on the left side of the stars to cancel the score. Inside the click callback the argument code receives the value null when we click on cancel button.


You can take off the space between the star.


You can turn on just the mouseovered star instead all from the first until that one.

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