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Materio - MUI Next.js Admin Template Documentation

Production Ready, Carefully Crafted, Extensive MUI Next.js Admin Template 🚀

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You are viewing Next.js App Directory Routing documentation of Materio admin template. For Next.js Pages Directory Routing documentation, please visit this page.

Next.js, MUI & TailwindNext.js, MUI & Tailwind

Based on Next.js, MUI &

With Next.js, MUI & Tailwind you can build responsive and mobile-first projects on the web.

TypeScript & JavaScriptTypeScript & JavaScript

TypeScript &

We offer support for both TypeScript and JavaScript, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all developer use cases.

Next Auth, React Hook Form & TranslationsNext Auth, React Hook Form & Translations

Next Auth, React Hook Form & Translations

Authenticate users, Validate Forms and Translate your app using built-in Next Auth, React Hook Form & Translation support.