# Getting support

In this page you will find how to get support and how to create perfect GitHub issue to resolve your issues quickly with minimum conversation. We value your time 🕝

# Creating GitHub Issue

First of all please make sure you have access to our GitHub repo. Please visit this page to get details on getting access.

Please create GitHub issue using our form (opens new window) or else issue will be automatically closed by bot. 🤖

# Vuetify Framework Queries

You can ask Vuetify framework related queries at their discord server (opens new window) or raise issue at their Github repo (opens new window).

Good candidates for framework support are:

How to use x component (x means any Vuetify Component) x component not working as expected

# Third Party Package Support

Same as framework support, if you have any query regarding how to use any provided package other than their UI you can ask it in their respective Github repo issue section.