# Installation

# Prerequisite

How do I check my node version?

Run below command in your terminal:

node -v

Make sure output version is LTS version.

# Getting started

  1. Download our template from marketplace
  2. Unzip it in your desired location
  3. Navigate to the project you want to run (full-version or starter-kit). To make sure you are in right directory check if that directory contains files like package.json, .gitignore etc.
Copying from unzipped directory

If you are copying file from unzipped directory then make sure to copy all the hidden files as well, like .eslintrc.js, .gitignore, etc.

To make sure, match the zip file content and extracted directory.

Enable show hidden files feature in your system to view the hidden files if you can't see them in extracted directory.

  1. Open terminal in that directory
  2. Run below commands:
# It will install all packages

# Will start the dev server
yarn dev
  1. Open the dev server URL in browser. Probably it will be http://localhost:5173 (opens new window)

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# Generating build for production

  1. To generate a production build, use the following commands:
// Using yarn package manager
 yarn build

// Using npm package manager
 npm run build
  1. Once the build is generated, you can preview it on your local system using the following commands:
// Using yarn package manager
yarn preview

// Using npm package manager
npm run preview


Make sure you are in the project directory before running above commands and also that you have yarn or npm installed on your machine


Refer this documentation for detailed deployment guid: https://vitejs.dev/guide/static-deploy.html (opens new window)