Color Customization

Color Customization

CryptoDash - Free Cryptocurrency Dashboard Template provides 14 different types of built in colors to use. You can use those color directly for font color, background & border by using their color classes. For usage and classes details please refer documentation UI > Color Palette > Colors.

You can also change theme colors as per your branding or selection by updating color codes. There are two different ways to do that.


  • Method 1 : This is very easy and simple way, First backup app-assets/css folder which contain default theme of CryptoDash Admin and find and replace the color code which you want to change.
  • Method 2 : Use assets/css/style.css and override those classes, ids or any other selector color you would like to. You can also create your own custom css file for this and manually include it on your html page. This is the best way to avoide future updates conflicts and code merge.


CryptoDash Cryptocurrency Dashboard Template provides all SCSS variables files in assets/scss/ folder. For bootstrap variables use variables.scss file and for CryptoDash Cryptocurrency Dashboard Template variables use app-variables.scss. You can also customize your own color palette by using palette-variables.scss file.

For this you need to have Node and Grunt installed on your system. And then you need to generate css files using grunt command ‘grunt dist-css’.

grunt dist-css

Please read the documentation for the more details.