Style Customization

Style Usage

CryptoDash Admin manages all scss files in app-assets folder and it also allows users to add their own scss files inside assets folder. Both app-assets and assets folders can be found in root of the downloaded package.

Grunt command for scss compile will generate all css files in app-assets/css.

Heads Up!

It is not recommend you to change any scss files inside app-assets core files as it will get replace in next updates.

SCSS files structure for modern assets.

                    ├── src/
                    |   ├── scss/
                    |   |   ├── bootstrap/
                    |   |   ├── bootstrap-extended/
                    |   |   ├── core/
                    |   |   ├── pages/
                    |   |   ├── plugins/                    
                    |   ├── bootstrap.scss
                    |   ├── bootstrap-extended.scss
                    |   ├── components.scss
                    |   ├── colors.scss
                    |   ├── custom-rtl.scss
                    |   ├── app.scss

Following is the details of what all scss folders.

# Folder/Files Details
1 bootstrap bootstrap/ folder contain Bootstrap 4 core scss files, that can be updated with future bootstrap updates.
1 bootstrap-extended bootstrap-extended/ folder contain customized bootstrap scss files for CryptoDash admin.
2 components components/ folder contain CryptoDash admin all custom components and pages scss files.
2 core core/ folder contain colors, layouts, menu, mixins and variables folder.
3 plugins plugins folder contains all vendors scss files.
3 pages pages folder contains all custom pages scss files.

SCSS files structure for assets.

Users can add their changes or new scss files in assets/scss folder to avoid any unwanted behavior. We recommend you to not change any files in app-assets for future release safe updates.

Grunt command for scss compile will generate all css files in assets/css.

                    ├── assets/
                    |   ├── scss/
                    |   |   ├── variables/
                    |   |   ├── colors/

Use the variables/ and colors/ folder for in code assets/scss folder for template variable customization, it will override code scss variables.


For theme customization use variables & colors scss files to override bootstrap, modern and colors variables.