Javascript Usage

CryptoDash Admin manages all js files in app-assets folder and it also allows users to add their own js files inside assets folder. Both app-assets and assets folders can be found in root of the downloaded package. All vendor js can be found under /app-assets/vendors/js/.

Js files structure for modern assets.

                    ├── src/
                    |   ├── js/
                    |   |   ├── core/
                    |   |   ├── scripts/

Following is the details of what all js folders.

# Folder Details
1 core core folder contains core libraries and core js files of CryptoDash Cryptocurrency Dashboard Template like bootstrap 4, jQuery, app and app-menu etc..
2 scripts scripts folder contains all js files that are used to initialize plugins.

Js files structure for assets.

Users can include their js files in assets/js folder to avoid any unwanted behavior.

                    ├── assets/
                    |   ├── js/