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Changing direction to RTL

For changing direction to RTL just set app.isRtl in theme config to true

Writing RTL compatible SCSS

For RTL, we use logical properties just like vuetify for styles.

Logical properties allows writing style for both LTR & RTL without any extra efforts.

We are using stylelint to convert existing property into logical property on save. E.g. If you write width: 100px; then stylelint will show linting error suggesting we should write inline-size instead of width. Without changing width to inline-size if you save your file in VSCode, stylelint will automatically fix this and convert width to inline-size 😍


You need stylelint extension to convert property to logical property on save with proper configuration

Mutating direction at runtime

To get current direction of the app, you can use useThemeConfig composable:

import { useThemeConfig } from '@core/composable/useThemeConfig'

const { isAppRtl } = useThemeConfig()

isAppRtl is ref, you can set boolean value to mutate the app direction.

e.g. Set app direction to RTL via:

import { useThemeConfig } from '@core/composable/useThemeConfig'

const { isAppRtl } = useThemeConfig()

isAppRtl.value = true