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Folder Structure

Understand folder structure of template and what everything contains


Once you download the template from Themeselection, you will find the below folder structure in materio/vue-laravel-version/. This folder contains typescript and javascript version of template. Both Typescript and Javascript version contain full-version and starter-kit version.

Before checking folder structure it is better you know some stuff related to folder structure.

  • resources/{js/ts} folder contains the whole vuejs code, this is the main folder where Auth, ACL, Routing, Navigation everything is managed from Vue not from Laravel. We have just provided Laravel integration which means all the routes are redirected to Application view which is responsible to load the application. All the assets are compiled from this folder to Laravel's public folder. We have considered Laravel usage for API purposes only.
├── app                      # Controllers and Models
├── bootstrap                # Contains cache and app.php
├── config                   # Application's configuration files
├── database                 # Migrations, model factories, & seeds
├── lang                     # Laravel default localization
├── public                   # index.php ,static folder & Build
├── favicon.ico           # Favicon
└── index.php             # Main php file
├── resources                # Views, Layouts, store and vue.js components
├── images/                # Include all images
├── styles/                # Include all styles files
├── {js/ts}/               # Include all vue files
└── views/                 # Contain Blade templates
├── routes/                  # Include Routes Web.php
├── storage/                 # Contains compile blade templates
├── tests/                   # For testing
├── .editorconfig            # Related with your editor
├── .env.example             # Include Database credentials and other environment variables
├── .gitattributes           # Give attributes to path names
├── .gitignore               # Files and Directories to ignore
├── .stylelintrc.json        # Style related file
├── .eslintrc.js             # ESLint Configuration
├── auto-imports.d.ts        # Unplugin auto import file
├── components.d.ts          # Unplugin vue components
├── artisan                  # Include artisans commands
├── shims.d.ts               # Typescript only
├── composer.json            # Dependencies used by composer
├── package.json             # Dependencies used by node
├── env.d.ts                 # Typescript only
├── themeConfig.ts           # Theme Customizer
├── tsconfig.json            # Typescript only file
├── jsconfig.json            # Javascript only file 
├── phpunit.xml              # Related With testing
├── server.php               # For php's internal web server
└── vite.config.ts           # Laravel's vite file