Start Django App with Docker

Running application locally using Docker


Before you begin, ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Docker installed on your server or local development machine.
  • Basic knowledge of Docker and Docker Compose.

Start with Docker

To check if docker is already installed on your system, open your terminal/command prompt and run:

docker --version
Step 1 - Download the template
  • Download package from where you have purchased it and extract the zip file.
  • Navigate to full-version or starter-kit
cd full-version
Step 2 - Start the APP in Docker

The full-version/starter-kit folder houses essential files for running your Django application with Docker, including:

  • Dockerfile: This file defines how your application image is built.
  • docker-compose.yml: Use this file for orchestrating multi-container Docker applications.
  • .dockerignore: This file specifies which files and directories should be excluded when building Docker images for a more efficient and secure deployment.

Execute the following command to build and run the application using Docker:

docker-compose up --build

This will generate a Docker image named full-version-web-project-django and set up a container named web_project_django.

Visit http://localhost:5050/ in your browser. The app should be up & running.

Docker python django tutorial:

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