Rapidly build stunning Django Apps with Sneat 🚀

Developer friendly, Highly customizable & Carefully crafted HTML Django Admin Dashboard Template.

Getting started

Jump-start your development using this amazing Django template. Understand the folder structure, installation guide and other helpful commands.

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Layout (Templates)

Easily create any pages of your app with the knowledge of layouts, dark/light layout, RTL Layout and Layout classes options.

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Sneat enhances security with Django's robust built-in authentication for user protection.

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Roles & Permissions

Effortlessly Manage Users with Django's Inherent Role and Permission System for Enhanced User Control.

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Django's MVT Pattern: Simplifying CRUD App Development and Database Enhancement.

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Customize easily 🤩

Customize Sneat super easily using configuration settings from settings.py file 🤘.

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Theme API

Use Template API class written in Python to efficiently use Sneat templates in Django projects of any complexity.

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Sneat uses Django's built in localization to provide a convenient way to retrieve strings in various languages.

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Sneat provides built-in docker support which can be utilize for running application locally and deployment purpose also.

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Repository Access

Get the private repository access to track the premium version development easily. Fork the repository to get the seamless updates.

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Premium Support

Experience premium customer support from the real people who have crafted this theme. Premium support is limited to pro version only.

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